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    Epiphany Products

    We Are Product Innovators

    We leverage the newest technologies with intelligent design to invent new products for a 21st century consumer. Our business model embraces rapid and iterative development, testing, and patenting; while quickly reaching markets through licensing and outright concept sales.


Our Mission

Each day we will work as a company that drives innovative and extremely useful consumer products with the ultimate goal to improve the lives of our customers.


The Team

<span style="color: #D9E021;">Justin Samra</span><br>Chief Executive Officer

Justin Samra
Chief Executive Officer

Justin brings years of management and entrepreneurial experience to Epiphany Products, focusing on the companies strategic vision and initiatives. His motivation is to bring new and game-changing products to consumers.

<span style="color: #D9E021;">Michael Liss</span><br>President & Electrical Engineer

Michael Liss
President & Electrical Engineer

With a background in electrical engineering and business management, Michael focuses on driving day-to-day tasks within engineering and business  development. He aims to continually deliver value for Epiphany Product's customers and partners. 

<span style="color: #D9E021;">Matt Spelman</span><br>Chief Financial Officer

Matt Spelman
Chief Financial Officer

Matt's experiences range from start-ups to global corporations. He's a driven and passionate person that helps drive company strategy and financial operations.

<span style="color: #D9E021;">Myro Figura</span><br>Chief Research Officer

Myro Figura
Chief Research Officer

As a trained physician, Myro brings years of scientific research experience continuously asking and solving the biggest questions. With an innovative mind and outstanding research abilities, Myro helps Epiphany Products solve consumer's toughest problems. 

<span style="color: #D9E021;">Adam Hollander</span><br>Chief Technology Officer

Adam Hollander
Chief Technology Officer

With extensive experience within military and consumer engineering, Adam is responsible for solving Epiphany's toughest technology challenges. He brings meticulous attention to detail and design focusing on delivering the best products possible. 



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